PAKT MEDIA is a Film, TV and Commercial Production Company specialized in servicing high-end productions in the Alpe-Adria region.

Our team is made up of highly skilled film professionals with over 20 years of hands-on experience in the creative industries.

Location Scouting and Management

Croatia and Slovenia are small countries with a huge diversity of landscapes, scenery and cityscapes – it takes just a few hours to drive from the Adriatic coast to snow-capped mountains.

PAKT Media offers a location scouting service and an extensive digital location archive, as well as established connections with local institutions and authorities to help you secure all the required permits and permissions for shooting. The standard procedure for getting a location permit takes up to 7 working days. For special permit requests (e.g. national parks, car-free zones) the procedure can take up to 14 working days. The only complex procedure is the permit involving aerial shooting with foreign aircraft and crew. This application process can take over a month.

Scheduling and Budgeting

PAKT Media provides a reliable budgeting and scheduling service, based on local knowledge and extensive production experience. It offers cost-effective services for any size of production. We use industry-standard software such as Movie Magic and EP Scheduling and Budgeting.

The standard shooting day is 12 hours, including a one-hour break. Overtime is charged extra per hour. The standard working week is five days. There is a special rate for working on Sundays and public holidays (not applied for commercials).

A production fee is applied to the cost, calculated either as a percentage of the total production cost or as an agreed flat-rate fee for the project.

Crew and HOD

PAKT Media provides professional film crew members with international experience. Rental companies are the main source of local technical crew, but there is a flourishing freelance community as well. Skilled and professional construction teams can build even the most demanding sets. Special-effects teams for rigging, artificial snow, artificial props, smoke, fire and explosions are all available locally.

Our heads of department are professionals with decades of experience in the entertainment industry, and have worked on everything from locally produced commercials to big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.

Foreign crew members can work without work permits as long as they do not stay in the country for more than 30 days per year, but their presence needs to be reported to the local police authorities. PAKT Media provides assistance in all procedures affecting foreign workers – visa applications, employment policies, reporting to local government and insurance policies.


PAKT Media offers local and international casting with online client service.

Regional talent tends to be mostly Caucasian; with a good cross-section of Alpine, Nordic, Mediterranean and Dinaric types. Talent from multi-ethnic backgrounds is limited.

Equipment and Studio Rentals

The major rental companies and studio facilities are based in Zagreb (the Croatian capital) and Ljubljana (the Slovenian capital). Local rental companies can meet any standard request for equipment. With a few days’ notice, they can also provide specialised equipment that may not be readily available locally, in association with their foreign partners.

Legal and Fiscal Support

PAKT Media assists foreign production companies with legal and fiscal procedures on tax and social contribution obligations, liability, insurance and VAT reimbursements. However production services do not have to pay VAT.

PAKT Media can work with both European and North American accounting systems and provides the client with complete and details cost reports.

Local Film Initiatives and Film Funds

A new tax rebate initiative has been introduced in Croatia to benefit both domestic and international filmmakers. Projects can derive a benefit of 20% of cash rebate of their qualifying expenditure in Croatia. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the government backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector in Croatia, intends to make filming incentive available by March 2012.

National film funds (Slovenian Film Centre, Croatian Audiovisual Centre) offer financial support for international co-productions based on calls for applications.