Pakt Media - Commercials

Erste Bank - The Goal

Erste Bank
The Goal

Volkswagen Polo - Challenge

Volkswagen Polo

Audi Q7 Etron - Sound of nature

Audi Q7 Etron
Sound of nature

A1 - Bob


Jeep - Almost is not Enough

Almost is not Enough

YKK - Home alone

Home alone

Assured Guaranty - Winds

Assured Guaranty

Mitsubishi - Impossible


Dacia - Ritorni


Henning Olsen - Inspira

Henning Olsen

Fiat - Panda Cross

Panda Cross

Intimissimi - The size room

The size room

S7 Airlines - Giraffe

S7 Airlines

Volvo - Ballerina Stunt

Ballerina Stunt

Bauli - A Christmas Tale

A Christmas Tale

Milla - Milla's Secrets

Milla's Secrets

About Pakt Media

A Production and Service Production Company

A Production and Service Production Company

We are a production and service production company that has been producing high-quality audiovisual content for over 20 years. Our portfolio includes award-winning TV commercials as well as major European & Hollywood films, such as “The Lake”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Red Tails”, etc.

Being the regional go-to production for international crews looking to shoot in Croatia and/or Slovenia, as well as award-winning local producers & co-producers, our strength lies in leveraging our intimate knowledge of the local production resources, as well as its legal and business landscape to accommodate complex international shoots, making our clients feel right at home even if they are miles away from it.

Because flawless execution ensures great pictures and happy clients.

A Reliable Gateway to Filming in Croatia

A Reliable Gateway to Filming in Croatia

We offer our clients a reliable gateway to filming in Croatia by providing the best possible local support, adhering to the highest international production standards, transparent business practices and streamlined workflows. We support the creative process while removing unexpected surprises from the equation, saving your project valuable resources and offering the highest possible production value in Croatia.

With a well-established and ever-growing network of pertinent local contacts consisting of highly-skilled freelance film professionals, rental facilities, private establishments and government institutions, we ensure our partners a seamless local shoot and a flawless experience in terms of service, quality & efficiency.

Complete Consulting and Production Services

Complete Consulting and Production Services

We provide complete consulting and production services for international crews, including, among others:

  • Planning & research
  • Budgeting
  • Location scouting/clearance/permitting
  • Legal support
  • Accounting & tax services
  • Access to local & European financing & support schemes
  • Crewing & casting
  • Filming & working permits
  • Logistic support
  • Equipment rental & post-production facilities

Filming In Croatia

Filming In Croatia

Having the right information and crew at hand is what enables you to keep control over every aspect of your production while shooting abroad.

With over 20 years in the business, we have amassed intimate knowledge of working in this particular region. From location scouting and budgeting to local planning and execution, we take into the equation all the intricacies of local business practices, rules and regulations that will save you time, money and avoid any unexpected setbacks.

In addition, understanding the complexities of international shoots and cultural subtleties stemming from years of experience in working with European and North American productions enables us to ensure that each project is executed smoothly and comfortably for the entire crew.

Consummate Expertise on the Local Production Resources

Consummate Expertise on the Local Production Resources

We’ll offer you our consummate expertise on the local production resources so that with the right information on hand you can concentrate on the big picture.

We work with skilled and experienced English-speaking crews, talented cast, using outstanding locations to create high-end and cost effective productions. Our support extends to the entire production spectre - from collaboration on content and pitching right to logistic assistance, production accounting, tax & legal consulting.

Research and budgeting

Research and budgeting

We research every project right down to the very last detail and provide fast responses that factor in all regional singularities that could affect the project. We plan and budget costs specific for the chosen location and anticipate all the production requirements that will help protect the budget, leveraging opportunities that exist in the market. We consult on any complex legal/regulatory issues pertinent to the production, and will work within your budget. With our experience and partnerships, we can assure the most effective solution, providing fast and accurate estimates & feasible location proposals. Our well planned-out budgets are followed by detailed and comprehensive final reconciliations.

Tax credits/financial incentives

Tax credits/financial incentives

Cash Rebate

Croatia offers a production incentive for international productions shooting in Croatia in the form of a cash rebate. Participating productions can recoup up to 20% of eligible local expenditure. Pakt Media has been working with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre from the incision of this program and, as a service production, we have so far successfully claimed the rebate on behalf of all our participating clients.

We are happy to provide more information and help you assess the eligibility of your project as well as provide you with an estimate on the turnaround time and rebate amount.

Development and Production support for co-productions

Croatia is a party of various co-production treaties as well as MEDIA and supports projects in all production phases – from development, production and post-production to distribution/placement.

If you are looking for a partner, we would love to hear from you and discuss the possibilities of obtaining local funding for your next big project.

VAT Refund

We offer a comprehensive VAT refund service that can simplify and expedite the VAT recovery process.

Outstanding locations

Outstanding locations

Pakt Media is operating in the alpe-adria region - Croatia, Slovenia and FVG (Italy)

Region offers a spectacular array of diverse locations that can accommodate nearly any brief. We’ve shot urban landscapes that doubled for major European and North American capitals, mystic Medieval backdrops, stormy lighthouses, snow-covered mountain tops, empty highways & airports and just about everything else.

In addition to offering great natural and architectural landscapes, Croatia also boasts amazing interiors that display the richness of its cross-cultural and historical heritage, as well as many lots and facilities that can be easily adapted into studio spaces.

Besides that, Croatia is a fun and safe place for crews and lays in close proximity to major European capitals.

And while Croatia has been working hard to position itself as a film-friendly country whose public and private sector work together to accommodate film crews, there are many regulations and requirements that are specific for Croatia and may vary from region to region. As these keep shifting, depending on many factors, such as city-specific by-laws to local holidays, local construction plans and schedules of other productions, our ability to anticipate any potential setbacks and offer locations that are best suited for each individual project will assure your production a well-planned shooting schedule and lowered risk of loss due to unwitting oversight.

We will manage all necessary clearances, permits and logistics to ensure a seamless production.

Crew, Casting, Equipment rental & post-production facilities

Crew, Casting, Equipment rental & post-production facilities


Croatia offers a pool of talented English speaking film professionals with experience in international film production. Pakt Media works with the very best freelance film workers available in Croatia and is constantly working on educating new talent. We will assure that you get the best possible crew for your project.


With one of the most extensive databases in the market, Pakt Media is able to provide a cast that covers an entire spectrum of looks, characteristics and styles – whatever the requirement might be, we’ll make sure to find the right talent for the job.

Equipment rental & post-production facilities

With over twenty years in the business, we’ve established great working relationships with the region’s top equipment suppliers and post-production facilities, allowing us to manage the most competitive deals and the best possible service on the market.

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Production Manager
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Production Manager
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Production Coordinator


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Office Manager
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